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Download the latest Gecko distribution here.

For Windows, both the setup.exe and gecko_setup.msi are digitally signed by “Tomasello Software”.

For other platforms, you’ll want the


For Windows, simply download both setup.exe and gecko_setup.msi and run the setup.exe and select where you would like the output project. Then launch Visual Studio (or compatible,) development environment and you should be good to go. It will just build and run.


For other platforms, simply unpack the into the directory of your choosing. You will want to visit Building the Software page for some light instruction on #defines, compiler flags and whatnot.


Gecko Release

Gecko Release Notes


Release 1, Monday, December 30, 2019



Download: setup.exe, gecko_setup.msi

For Windows, you will need both setup.exe and gecko_setup.msi. Both are digitally signed.

Once downloaded, simply run setup.exe and select the output directory for the distribution.


Other platforms:


For all other platforms, download and unpack (MD5 08D463003BBE78079C0BB08FE21C8BD2)

This is the first public release of Gecko.

I don’t envision much in the way of changes to gecko.c other than cleanup. I may however add to or cleanup the test harnesses and sample programs.


In a follow-up release I plan on providing a packaging library add-on. This add-on allows the developer to build cryptographic ‘packages’ containing a main body, and one or more attachments. The library wraps the packaging/unpackaging of plaintext/ciphertext content.


Release 1.0.1, Friday, Janurary 3, 2020

All Platforms can now git the latest software from GetHub:



I've just uploaded the latest code to GetHub.

There were no cipher changes. The README and LICENSE files were updated.


I will continue to make .ZIP and Setup.exe available from this website, but the prefered method, (to get the latest version of Gecko,) is to download from GetHub.